Michelle Hill

I'm 30 and taking  each day one at a time. Writing is my passion and I'm also a huge movie buff. Music is another way I escape reality for a while. I live in VA, and I have traveled a bit. I hope to share my words with the world. 

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13 days ago
Eight years of being single. When I tell people I've been single for eight years, they end up surprised. Then they ask me why. I use the same excuse over and over again. I'm a workaholic. If I'm not a...
Ending a Long Friendship
10 months ago
This is gonna be a tough one. About a year ago, I decided to end a thirteen-year friendship with my best friend. What made me do it was the fact that I noticed I kept feeling really down when I was ar...
Moving On
10 months ago
I've been single for a good eight years now and there's a reason for that. I guess you could say I wasn't really ready for a relationship, even though I've been in a few throughout high school, and in...