Miranda O'Conner

Body positive blogger, freelance sculpture, self-proclaimed connoisseur of whiskey, and forever in search of a hamburger as delicious as the ones you see in food commercials. Wendy's just doesn’t cut it.

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Signs You Feel Insecure Around Your Partner
2 years ago
If you just started a relationship with someone or have been dating them for a while, there are times when you might feel insecure. It's okay to have occasional insecurities. But it can be worrisome i...
Ways to Be a More Supportive Partner
2 years ago
Many people, when they feel they have done wrong to their lover, try to figure out ways to be a more supportive partner. Maybe they hurt their lover. Maybe they love a person something awful but fear ...
Relationship Mistakes Women are Prone to Make
2 years ago
Relationships are a tricky thing to manage, but many women feel the burden of relationships weigh them down, fearful of any number of relationship mistakes they could make. Perhaps they feel this fear...
Relationship Mistakes Men are Prone to Make
2 years ago
Relationships for whatever reason tend to be a difficult subject matter for men. Maybe it's society's stigma on men emoting and feeling out their personalities that keep an entire gender from explorin...