Morgan H

Tattooed. Canadian. Working on me. 

In love with nature, curious about the future, lover of animals. 

Ghosting: A Modern Day Break Up
3 months ago
I was ghosted for the first time and it fucking sucked. I want to tell the story so that everyone can understand I’m not being over dramatic about this situation. Ghosting is a big part of this story,...
My Dating Journey
6 months ago
This is an independent story, I'm not speaking for anyone else’s experiences’ in millennial dating scene without Tinder and whatever other dating apps there are, but this is my personal experience thu...
Why I Stopped Using Dating Apps
8 months ago
If you ask me what my “ideal man” is, I’d give you my well polished answer “I’m looking for a strong, "Viking" type guy, tall, with tattoos and a beard." Until recently I didn’t realise I actually wan...