Nat Z.

College graduate, sharing crazy dating experiences and life as a woman.

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Girl Talk
5 months ago
I previously left off with my lunch date with Eli... After I questioned his age and not really pushing it, even though I wasn't sure he was being completely honest, we continued to have interesting co...
Girl Talk (Pt. 2)
6 months ago
As I am sipping my first glass of wine of the day, I thought to myself, why not write about my first time. In my last Girl Talk, I talked about how I use online dating, well that wasn't my first time ...
Girl Talk (Pt. 1)
6 months ago
I am 22 years old and have yet to be in a serious relationship, or have made a relationship "official.". Let me explain, my whole life I was raised to the idea that in order to be in a relationship, t...