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The Light, the Dream, and the Woman
4 months ago
Occasionally we all have wonderful dreams. Upon waking remaining with us for a few hours; occupying thoughts the drudge to work, even persisting through the day. Then there are the very rare dreams th...
Dreams Shouldn't End at Christmas, but Sometimes They Do
5 months ago
It has always been a dream of mine to one day have a family home equal to my grandfather's, where Christmas would bring friends and family in from the cold and closer to the fireside. He taught me how...
Love Is Rough, but Is It Worth It?
5 months ago
In each of our relationships, too often we can be tempted to think in black and white. It's perfect - err wait up! Where's the exit! There is a list of "lines" unique to the individual, but culturally...
What's Lust Got to Do with It?
8 months ago
Follow your heart. The meme of many a teen romance and driftwood epiphanies. It may be good advice but less reliable when given about matters of love. For the heart doesn't have much to do with that—a...