Nychole Lee

Take a stroll through my mind and see what you may be able to relate with me.

Love You to Death (Pt. 3)
6 months ago
There Dania was, just as cold as the cold bathroom tile. She was alive. She could still feel that silent pain. She could still think and hear, she just couldn't get her body to comply with her demands...
Love You to Death (Pt. 2)
8 months ago
Dania used her common sense and stayed on the floor until she heard the door close behind Taalib as he left. Did she really just hear him speaking to Zarina? Why was he telling her thanks and where is...
Love You to Death
9 months ago
There were no more Dear Diary entries. I couldn't write through this pain. I just took my shahada so I couldn't drink or smoke. I was perplexed but I needed an outlet. Screw it, I'm grabbing me a box ...