Paige Graffunder

Paige is an administrative and HR professional in Seattle, as well as a contributor to several local publications around the city, focused on politics, business, satire, and internet sub-culture.

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A Love More Inclusive
3 months ago
I would like to preface this, with the understanding that I am in no way trying to put down romantic love. Romantic love is magical, and wonderful, and when reciprocated in a healthy way, can be very ...
Better Together
7 months ago
Whether your relationship is new or old, we always should be improving, making sure that we are getting what we put in, and putting in nothing but love. The longer a relationship lasts, or the easier ...
A Love More Ordinary
8 months ago
We are over saturated with love stories where there are grand romantic gestures and epic sacrifices. I don't remember the last time I read a love story where love developed organically, slowly, over t...
A Love Less Toxic
8 months ago
With so many things in the world that we consume depicting unhealthy, and sometimes downright abusive relationships as the pinnacle of romance (looking at you 50 Shades of Gray) it is important to exa...
Remembering the Good
9 months ago
When I talk about my past relationships I usually end up talking about how they ended. Despite my attempts to always go forth in all things in kindness, most of my relationships have ended badly. So i...
The Curse of the Omnivert
9 months ago
For a long time, it was assumed that there were only two types of people. You were either an introvert or an extrovert. To the surprise of no one, like gender, it turns out our personality types are a...