Rachel Thompson

Author CSA Survivor BROKEN PIECES, BROKEN PLACES, 30-Day #BookMarketing Challenge. Founder #SexAbuseChat, #MondayBlogs, #BookMarketingChat on Twitter, CEO/Founder BadRedhead Media. http://RachelintheOC.com, http://BadRedheadMedia.com 

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Running Away is Okay — As Long As We Come Back
2 years ago
Remember that 80s song 'and I ran, I ran so far away,' from A Flock of Seagulls? If you lived through the 80s, you couldn’t get away from it. I loved that song, even when I couldn’t stand it anymore. ...
Which Stage of Survival Are You: Victim, Survivor, Thriver?
2 years ago
At what point does a sexual abuse survivor (or any trauma survivor) go from victim to survivor, from survivor to thriver? In our society, the term victim has a negative connotation (don’t be a victim!...