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Tarrytown Painter Takes the Long Road on Her Artistic Journey
13 days ago
Clara Shen was sitting in her Tarrytown Studio a few years ago, and had the impetus to go for a ride. Instead, the Chinese immigrant began splattering a colorful sports car road trip alongside the oce...
In the Age of #MeToo, Can You Ask a Woman out More Than Once?
8 months ago
Is it ok to ask a woman out more than once? Well, it’s not something I’ve dedicated a lot of time thinking about. But Bill Maher raising the subject got me thinking. #MeToo clearly upon us, I learned ...
Tantra Speed Date Had the Energy Flowing
10 months ago
I was recently invited to a Tantra Speed Date event by my friend Guy Shahar. I didn't know what that was so I enlisted a generic Google search on "Tantra." I saw stuff about slowing down sex, adding i...
LGBT Community Seeks Acceptance in Katonah Lewisboro School System
2 years ago
As a High School Guidance Counselor at John Jay High School, Malerie Simon can assure that there’s a very accepting nature among the student body - especially in terms of those who may fall under the ...
If Asian Dating Is Your Persuasion, Single and the City Should Be Your Thing
2 years ago
A few years ago, I was friended by one Amber Guesa on Facebook. She runs a social dating site called SingleAndTheCity. I looked at the pictures on her page, and I was quite intrigued. But I never rais...