Samantha Bentley

Music Maker, Writer & Yogi. Proud Vegan/Animal Lover. Award winning Ex-Adult Actress. Penthouse Pet Aug 2015. Briefly in Game Of Thrones. Socially awkward, sexually devious, typically English.

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Why Couples Who Travel Together Have The Strongest Relationships
10 days ago
I love to travel. I mean, who doesn’t? Over the past 10 years my career has taken me all over the world, in fact, so has my partner's. He is a touring musician, I used to do porn. One of my favourite ...
Intimate Ways Women Want To Be Touched (That Have Nothing To Do With Sex)
19 days ago
Sex is a strange thing. As someone who has spent a large chunk of their life doing it for a living, I can safely say that some of the most intimate, sexual and satisfying things for me don’t involve a...