Sierra I

FT mom, writer, and 'doer'. Coffee obsessed and science-based, I thoroughly enjoy broadening people's horizons and mental processes through the written word.

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A Complete Guide to Maintaining Relationships (Even After the Spark is Gone)
8 months ago
Have you ever heard the expression "love is like a firework?" Maybe you've heard that one hit song by Katy Perry? You know, the one that says, "Baby, you're a firework!" Well, surprisingly, there is a...
What to Do When Your Single Life & Parent Life Clash
9 months ago
What does it mean when your single life and parent life clash? What should you do when it happens? How do you even know it's happening? What does it mean for your life? Parenting definitely has its up...
Bring Passion Back into Your Life
2 years ago
How to bring the passion back into your relationship after its been routine for a while is one of the easiest, and hardest, things to do. It's easy because, though things have become routine, you stil...
Everyone Wants to Be Wanted
2 years ago
We've all heard the song. I want you to want me... I need you to need me... I'd love you to love me... I'm begging you to beg me... The song by Gary Jules, though somewhat forgotten in its age, is tim...
What is Love?
2 years ago
It's the age-old, timeless question: What is love? This is a difficult question to answer, not because it's an emotion, but because everyone experience's it differently. I have gone around and asked m...
A Love Story
2 years ago
Everyone wants the perfect movie love story. No heartbreak, no fighting, no tears or hurtful words out of anger. But, not only is that unrealistic, it's too much. No one puts any importance on fights ...