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Top Five Wrong Reasons Why People Get Married
4 months ago
There is nothing more beautiful than witnessing a couple unite themselves in holy matrimony, and get ready to spend the rest of their lives with each other. The idea of having someone get down on one ...
Anyone Can Be a Good Person but Not Everyone Is the Right Person
6 months ago
You always hear people say “I want a good man” or “I want a good woman in my life” Then the universe gives them what they ask for only so they can go ahead and ruin a good thing. Which is exactly what...
6 Types of Apologies You Should Not Accept from Anyone
7 months ago
The point of an apology? People always say that you should think before you speak or think before you act. However, there’s only a handful of people that actually do this. Some of us go on with our li...
The Hierarchy of the People in our Lives
8 months ago
The year comes and the year goes. Like every other year, events will take place, you will experience certain things in your life, and people will come in and out of your life. We all attract different...
What Makes a Great Relationship?
9 months ago
Relationships are not easy. There are some things that must always be present and active in any relationship. These things usually include communication, common interests, physical attraction, intimac...
Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Be Friends Before Getting into a Relationship
a year ago
When you think about it, most people don’t always become good friends before taking things to the next level. Sometimes the friendship step comes right after the relationship failed. Then the two indi...