Susan McCord

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Susan McCord (Dear Sybersue) is a Dating/Relationship Advice Show Host, Author, Certified Coach & Advice Columnist. She is a mature woman with young sassy attitude! She’s been there done that, has so many T-shirts she can open a store! 

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Should I Trust My New Boyfriend Who Cheated on Two of His Ex-GFs?
41 minutes ago
Should I trust my new boyfriend who cheated on two of his ex-girlfriends? To some people, this question is a no-brainer because they just wouldn’t go. There. Period. After all, “once a cheater always ...
Should You Keep Secrets About Your Past from Your Partner?
8 months ago
There is such a thing as too much information and not every little thing needs to be discussed about your past life before they arrived on the scene! Some of us have the gift of the gab and don’t know...
Getting over a Breakup but I Really Miss the Sex!
2 years ago
Dear Sybersue, I haven’t been in a relationship for over 2 years due to my last breakup and all the drama that I had to deal with. I took some time away from men to heal and figure out what the Hell h...
Are You Too Shy to Date? Learn How to Change This!
2 years ago
Is shyness sabotaging your dating life? Does it keep you from going out and being sociable? There are ways to overcome this that can help you to meet a potential partner. Despite what many people think, shyness isn’t about how you look. It is all about confidence! Self-esteem affects many men and women regardless of their physical appearance. Beautiful people can be lonely, too. I have coached numerous people of all ages who are very attractive but can’t get a date! Beauty is in the eye of the b...
Is It Time for a Dating Attitude Makeover?
2 years ago
Are you really sick and tired of dating right now? Are things constantly not working out for you and pissing you off big time? Are you in the mind frame of giving up on dating because there isn't anyone out there that interests you? Do you have a hard time getting past the first date or even meeting someone to date?
5 Attributes That Men Really Want in a Partner
2 years ago
I have received many questions from male viewers on my advice column over the years but this topic; "5 Attributes That Men Want in Their Partner" is one of the biggest conversations of all. Women thin...