Winnie Rugamba

Searching for Home...meanwhile I write.

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Sometimes Leaving Home Is the Only Way to Find Home
9 months ago
I think I was around 10 years old when I learned about my family members that lived in different parts of the world: Canada, the U.S., and Europe. Some happened to be part of my nuclear family, close ...
Why I Stopped "Communicating"
a year ago
Do you know that person that just never answers their phone? Replies to text messages after a whole century? Says they will call you back and you know that's a lie? Or that friend that promises to hit...
The Burden of the Heart's Eye
2 years ago
My main purpose of writing anything that I write and in the way that I do today is to be able to visit myself, to possibly feel things that I had not felt, or to give space to emotions that I had swep...
Sometimes Sharing Is Not Caring
2 years ago
When I finally decided to share my thoughts, well after being threatened by my best friend, I thought to myself maybe this is it, Winnie. You are now ready to open up, share your heart unapologeticall...
Let It Be
2 years ago
"So why does it hurt when relationships end?" she asked. "Well do you mean romantic relationships or like any relationship?" I replied. "Yeah, any relationship." she says. Because we thought it will l...