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From Love to No Love – What Happened to Us
a year ago
In another five days, it would be the second year anniversary for Fann and Stuart. But they haven’t seen each other for a week already. Stuart had a bad cold last weekend, Fann went over to visit with...
Dealing With a Man’s Increasing Silence in a Relationship
a year ago
You might have been there. The fire has died out, you and your bae no longer have endless things to talk about, and silence went from a complete stranger to a permanent resident in your time together....
Marrying a Religious Man and Not Converting
a year ago
Yes that’s right, I am going marrying a charming man with the most brilliant mind, whom I loved so much that it is just unthinkable, but I will not be converting to his religion and for that decision ...
10 Inconvenient Questions a Monogamous Person Has for Polygamous Couples
2 years ago
Years ago, I chanced upon an open-for-all event online, where the group would meet and, under the facilitation of the organizer, discuss and share their views and experiences on a chosen topic. For th...
Why Your Crush Is Not Replying Your Texts
2 years ago
I think we can all agree on this – waiting for a reply from your crush is undoubtedly one of the MOOOST excruciating things in life. EVER.
Dealing with Your Boyfriend’s Female BFF
2 years ago
“We are just friends”. Trust me guys, that sentence will NEVER make your girlfriend feel any bit better. If anything, it will only trigger more annoyance. Guys have female friends. That is 100% normal...